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NSTA Las Vegas Symposium – September 20 – 21, 2014 (Updated 12.02.14)

18 Feb

The 25th Annual NSTA Symposium

The 2014 Las Vegas symposium has come and gone and we are happy to report that everyone who attended enjoyed the program. It is a huge endeavor to organize a symposium that requires the teamwork of a group of people at the NSTA.We would like to thank our Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Mark LeDoux for all his efforts in coordinating with inviting the guest speakers, coordinating with the speakers in regards to their presentation topics. We also thank him for making himself and two his researchers from University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Department of Neurology to collect data on people for the Dystonia Coalition Project: Biorepository for Primary Dystonia. This includes taking blood samples on site so it is available in a biorepository specifically for dystonia research. A biorepository (or biobank) is a collection of samples given by patients to help researchers find the responsible genes. Because dystonia is rare, it may take individual researchers decades to collect enough samples on their own to have enough to study. Patients who participated in this study will have been evaluated to determine the extent and severity of their dystonia. A blood sample was collected and stored at a central site to share among many researchers doing genetic studies. The NSTA is very thankful to Dr. LeDoux for his contributions to our organization and we are privileged that he is a medical advisor that is hands down and very active with our organization.We also thank the guest speakers for their informative presentations and thoughtful responses to questions. The panels that answered questions included the sponsor representatives mentioned above. Summaries of each presentation will appear in this issue of ST Quarterly. A summary of Dr. Duane’s presentation is in the latest magazine. More presentations will be included in the next issue of the ST Quarterly that will go out in December.


The NSTA thanks Merz Neurosciences (makers of Xeomin) for being the major sponsor of our 2014 symposium. Merz has provided support in many ways to our organizations so we can continue to provide information and support to cervical dystonia patients.

NSTA also thanks Allergan (makers of Botox) and their representative Jennifer Ho, Ipsen Pharmaceuticals (makers of Dysport), Medtronics (Deep Brain Stimulation products), and Solstice Neurosciences (makers of Myobloc) represented by Robert Chinnapongse, M.D., M.S. Their generous support is the main factor in our ability to hold these symposiums every year.