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Zent-A-Thon 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, June 30, 2012 is a Huge Success!

10 Jun

We received almost $4,000 in registrations and donations.

The Zent-A-Thon 5K Run/Walk was held on Saturday, June 30th at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, California. NSTA worked in conjunction with the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Foundation (PMDF) and the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA) to host this event. I am happy to report that the fundraiser was a huge success! 125 registered and more than 150 people attended.

The weather was perfect that day! It was 91 degrees and partly cloudy. When you host outdoor events even “picture perfect weather” can be miserable, especially if it is too hot. That Saturday morning, we were all treated to mildly warm temperature with a cool breeze and just the right amount of sun.

Participants started showing up as early as 7:30am. We were fortunate to have the help of NSTA’s volunteers, Donna Lubanga, Curtis Lee, Anne Nguyen, and her siblings Andrew and Quynh. PMDF and APDA also had volunteers who help out as well. This made unloading the cars, placing the banners and pathway signs up, setting display tables up, placing the table cloth on the picnic tables and checking people in easily manageable. We are grateful to these people for helping out.

We are greatly thankful to Merz Pharmaceuticals, the makers of the botulinum toxin Xeomin for being the major supporter for this event. A sandwich lunch with fruits and bakery goods was provided by Katella Deli (located in Los Alamitos, CA) Gatorade was provided by Ipsen, the company that manufactures the botulinum toxin Dysport. Susie Yong, Clinical Science Specialist for Ipsen attended and helped out with registration. The Zent-A-Thon t-shirts provided to the people walking and running was donated by Dr. Daniel Truong of the Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Medical Group. I would like to send out a special thanks to NSTA member Barbara Asazawa and her mother Judy Asazawa for their spreading the word about this fund raiser and getting over 25 people to attend.

The 1st place winner of the Zent-A-Thon is Diego Rivera with a time of 17:42 2nd place went to Jenny Wood at 18:08 and 3rd place went to Taylor Berry at 18:42. Everyone completed the 5K and had a really great time. I am pleased to report that we received almost $4,000 in registrations and donations. The NSTA will partner up with PMDF and APDA again next year to raise money for the NSTA and spread awareness. I hope that more people will attend and support our fundraising efforts.

Group Picture of the Zent-A-Thon Fundraiserparticipants. Over 150 attended.

(From Right to Left) Ken Price, NSTA President, Dr Gary Demerjian and his son.

Everyone participating in stretching exercieses and some Yoga moves prior to the walk/run.

Donna Lubanga, R.N, Susie Yong, Clinical Science Specialist, Ipsen and Sheryl Vanderdussen, volunteer to check in participants.

People checking in and socializing while waiting for the event to start.

People gathering for the group picture.

Dr. Devin Binder, Neurosurgeon, Diane Truong, NSTA Vice President and Dr. Ron Zent in conversation close to the check in table.

Participants gather for the group picture.

Anne Nguyen, NSTA Staff, and volunteers Kurtis Lee, Andrew Nguyen and Quynh Nguyen rest up before heading to their assigned tasks for the Zent-A-Thon.

Dr. Ron Zent, Teri Brown, APDA Coordinator presenting a medal and trophy to the 1st place runner Diego Rivera

Participants enjoy a delicious sandwich, diced fruits and baked goods for lunch. Food was provided by Katella Deli through support from Merz Pharmeaceuticals.