About NSTA - National Spasmodic Torticollis Association

Introducing New NSTA Board Member Jeff Shair

19 Oct

Since the early 2000s’, I have been involved with the NSTA in various endeavors. These include a presenter at symposiums, a writer for the ST Quarterly, an advocate for Dystonia Advocacy Day in Washington DC, and a guest with Ken Price on a local radio show. In addition, I have been an encourager by phone with others who have TD, an attendee of support group meetings and webinars, and recently been interviewed by a representative from a therapeutic company.

I am currently a spokesperson for tardive dyskinesia at a pharmaceutical company. My function for them is to raise awareness of the disorder among clinicians and the general public through live events, articles, and YouTube videos. Also, I am on a state committee dealing with the COVID19 response to people with mental illness and older adults. Recently, I was a reviewer of an e-manual about the benefits of occupational therapy for a couple of Thomas Jefferson University students. I gave valuable feedback, and they implemented it into their document.

Furthermore, I am on the board of Compeer Sarasota and rejoined the Southeast Regional Community Support Program, where I am a founding member of both committees. Finally, I continue to be an active member of my regional dystonia support group, in which I have participated for several years.

Previously, I was a Consultant for the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities, where I served on several committees, including the Recovery Advisory Committee, that helped transform the mental health programs in the city to become more recovery oriented.

Moreover, my extensive work in combating stigma as a policymaker on the local, state, and regional levels for mental health has prepared me to be an asset in raising awareness for both tardive dyskinesia and dystonia.

I believe I can be an asset to the board with my background in these advocacy groups and my dedication to the NSTA over the years. I am truly honored to bring my unique perspective to the NSTA Board of Directors.