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Reinvigorating Your Recovery Through Art Therapy – by Jane Hilton, Freelance Writer

25 Aug

Physical therapy can be trying, even if you remind yourself that each exercise you do is another step towards your recovery. When your body doesn’t want to cooperate with you, it can be easy to grow bored with your prescribed exercises. With only 11.7 million adults attending necessary physical therapy in 2011, it makes sense that sessions that are more personalized may appeal to more people in need of individualized attention. Art therapy, for example, is one way that physical therapists can better engage with patients and make therapy sessions less stressful over time.

Art as an Ice-Breaker

Going to meet a new physical therapist can be an intimidating process, especially when you’re reeling from a recent diagnosis. Even if your sessions are going to reduce your pain, it can be difficult to overcome that initial reluctance. This lack of familiarity is why most patients in need of personal attention only make it to seven out of ten of their physical therapy sessions. Different artistic mediums, though, can be used to ease you into the physical therapist process. Get to know your physical therapist while the both of you try your hand at drawing, and not only can you giggle over your mutual burgeoning skill, but you can begin taking steps towards developing a healthful relationship. (For the rest of the article read our Winter 2018 issue)